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Neuro-ID – Why We Invested

What is the one issue that keeps the entire company, particularly CSOs, CROs, CEOs, CFOs, and Board Members up at night? Fraud. According to a recent study by Lexis Nexis, not only does financial fraud drive lost dollars outright but an average of $3.64 in related costs per dollar of losses spent on investigation, insurance,…

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Teampay – Why We Invested 

At Fin VC we have been actively looking for CFO Tech Stack solutions that unlock the power of modern B2B payments and open architectures to transform the Finance function. Teampay is pioneering the next generation CFO Tech Stack with a distributed spend management solution that is purpose-built for today’s decentralized, real-time, and dynamic corporate operating…

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Fin VC Navigator – 1H 2020

Friends of Fin - We are reaching out to share our 1H 2020 newsletter, which we distribute publicly with the broad global ecosystem to share our perspective and thought leadership, distill Venture Capital as an asset class, promote broader participation in FinTech, and support intellectual debate. As you know, we take a long and patient…

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Pipe Technologies – Why We Invested

Pipe is revolutionizing the way SaaS companies fund their growth by creating a new asset class out of companies’ own customer subscriptions. Through Pipe’s innovative subscription financing platform, SaaS businesses can immediately turn monthly and quarterly paid subscriptions into ARR cash flow that can be used to drive innovation and accelerate growth without any equity…

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Logan Allin, Best in SaaS Interview

In this episode, Elias Rubel is joined by Logan Allin. Logan is the Managing General Partner and Founder of Fin VC where he is responsible for management of the firm, sourcing/consummating investments, maintaining board responsibilities, and adding operating value with portfolio companies. Fin VC specializes on Global FinTech, with specific marcro theses and a focus…

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