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Aiera is an adaptive deep learning platform designed to aggregate all publicly available market data, provide quantitative analytics using AI/ML for fundamental investment strategies, and produce real time earnings call/events transcription and summaries. Aiera supports asset managers, hedge funds, private banks, and corporate CFOs/IR functions.
AnChain.AI provides around-the-clock protection, securing some of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, protocols, and DApps worldwide. AnChain.AI allows the full range of industry stakeholders (i.e. operators, builders, regulators, investors) to confidently interact with the developing digital economy by providing blockchain data analytics and in-depth cryptocurrency transaction monitoring on a wide variety of public and private chains.
Array is a financial and credit health monitoring, embedded tool solution that supports prebuilt widgets, white label APIs, and SDKs that are continuously updated, and can be fully customized through a headless CMS in real time. Fintechs, Financial Instituitions, D2C, and credit services brands use these solutions to personalize content, increase conversion, and build deeper relationships with their customers.
Avinew provides the software layer for semi-autonomous and autonomous assets, bridging the insurance/re-insurance players and OEMs. The team is partnering with affiliates, manufacturers, sharing economy companies and consumers to optimize insurance for the new technology paradigms.
Axio is a cybersecurity platform bridging corporates and insurers, delivering a comprehensive program management assessment and quantification engine while providing accurate inputs to automate insurance coverage. Axio’s software enables organizations to manage their risk registry and cyber frameworks to identify/mitigate gaps, understand existing insurance coverage (through policy assessment automation, AI/ML and NLP), report quantified risk to both CSOs and board-level stakeholders, and provide the inputs insurers need to continuously underwrite cyber risk.
Banyan is a platform that transforms valuable merchant receipt data into a liquid asset. Banyan’s proprietary API empowers merchants to monetize receipt data by connecting it to apps used by their customers, creating a unified, SKU-level view of a customer’s transactions across multiple merchants.
Boost Insurance powers white-labeled insurance programs for innovators across all industries, enabling them to monetize the vertical through a simple platform solution. Their infrastructure-as-a-service product, or IaaS, packages all the operational and compliance components needed to execute an insurance program digitally through API-driven systems, including ‘A’-rated insurance paper, dedicated risk capacity, and claims administration.
Braintrust is “building a fair future for work” connecting global companies and knowledge workers on a dynamic talent platform powered by Blockchain/DLT. The platform supports employers in sourcing top tech freelancer talent, who have a central place to aggregate work history/reputation, create transparency and tracking in projects, manage teams, and receive tokenized payments through its sole ownership unit BTRUST token.
Caplight enables institutional investors to take long and short private company positions via synthetic, cash-settled derivatives. For the first time in the private markets, institutional investors can hedge positions, generate income on assets, and access true liquidity with public settlement-like mechanics. Caplight serves a broad range of QIBs including hedge funds, VC funds, family offices, pensions, endowments, mutual funds, and insurance firms.
Certificial is designed to simplify the Supplier management process by providing businesses with instant access to their Supplier’s insurance coverage and automatic updates when changes to their coverage occurs. The Certificial API integrates directly with brokers’ APIs as well as AMS providers, offering a seamless experience and accessibility for large and small Agents and Brokers alike with no associated costs to Insurers.
Coinsuper provides an expansive set of services to the growing crypto-asset industry in Asia, primarily to institutional customers via multiple channels (Exchange, OTC, Brokerages, and Custodians).
CRE Simple provides an integrated SaaS platform for Commercial Real Estate market participants, including investment/deal management, access to credit/equity bids, an automated quote engine, intelligent task prioritization, collaborative workflows, and predictive outcomes.
DailyPay is modernizing payroll through a platform bridging legacy payroll, time management, and HR systems to enable employers to deliver financial services to their employees, with short-term lending being the starting point to a more comprehensive product roadmap.
Embed is developing infrastructure for modern clearing & custody from the ground up. Embedded handles Securities execution, clearing, settlement and custody APIs for broker-dealers, RIAs, banks and trust companies.
FairPlay is the world’s first Fairness-as-a-Service company. We help companies embed fairness considerations into their automated decision-making systems and reduce algorithmic bias.
Figure has built a financial services business that sits on top of a blockchain platform, Provenance, that enables digital lending, asset management, and an ecosystem of services to lenders, banks, credit investors, and secondary players.
Funnel Leasing is the leading digital leasing and marketing platform for multi-family, enabling owners and managers to generate more profits, efficiency, and analytical insights across their portfolio. Funnel has built a leadership position in the multi-family space with real estate property managers, landlords, and brokers.
Greenlight is the leading FinTech platform in Family Finance, providing a platform for parents and their Gen Z kids for checking, savings, debit, and investments. The platform is offered B2C and B2B2C through distribution partnerships with leading retail banks such as JPMorgan Chase.
Maxwell is a cloud-based digital platform for mortgage lenders to collaborate with homebuyers, automating the end-to-end point-of-sale and fulfillment value chain. Maxwell provides its leading platform to the underserved non-depository mortgage banks, credit unions, brokers, and community banks.
Netomi has built an advanced AI/ML deep learning platform to address the challenges of customer service across all industries but with massive implications for Financial Services and Insurance. The team is automating customer service with an omni-channel platform that provides enterprise customers with a seamless way to automate customer service interactions across e-mail, chat, social, text, and IVR.
Neuro-ID provides behavioral analytics to manage: 1) Fraud detection and 2) Funnel friction/product marketing analytics. Neuro-ID’s Human Analytics® capture and translate the digital body language of customers into actionable intelligence by measuring both customer Intent and experience. For companies, this new source of data can be used to segment genuine and fraudulent customers in real time to maximize conversion, reduce false positives, and stop fraud before it starts.
Nimbla is a market leader in single invoice insurance, continuing to revolutionize the world of receivables risk. Nimbla provides B2B invoice insurance to small and medium-sized businesses in the United Kingdom. The London fintech company, using their AI technology, instantly reviews the credit rating of their invoices and insure them individually, paying out in the event of insolvency.
Numbrs has built the future of asset management and digital banking in the EU. Building its platform out of Switzerland, as the “first Swiss Unicorn,” the team has scaled principally via a B2B2C model to offer full stack financial services through bank, asset management and insurance partners across the EU. The product utilizes deep AI/ML, data aggregation, behavioral analysis, and open APIs.
Ocrolus is a human-in-the-loop fintech infrastructure platform intended to automate back-office tasks with precision. The company’s platform uses artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing to automate financial review processes, analyze documents with accuracy and speed, delivering highly accurate data verification, enhanced fraud detection and cash-flow analytics to lenders, enabling financial services companies to make high-quality decisions, in an automated and efficient way, with trusted data.
Onfido is is the leader in digital ID, providing 3 layers of verification: government issued ID, biometric scan, and voice patterning/recognition. Companies use the Onfido API to mitigate fraud/regulatory risk, manage hiring diligence, expedite KYC/AML requirements, and conduct ongoing cybersecurity checks on customer and employee access.
Pipe is transforming the fundamental economics of the global SaaS market. The company provides instant cash advances to recurring revenue companies, enabling them to unlock their deferred cash flows through non-dilutive funding. Pipe’s advanced API financing platform automates the entire financing process for SaaS companies and delivers account level visibility and instant liquidity without the need to take on any debt or dilution.
Quaestor is an automated data platform that enables financial transparency between private companies and their investors. The platform automatically collects, standardizes, and synthesizes private company data enabling both parties to make metric-driven decisions.
Samcart is the first e-commerce platform, built from the ground up, for direct to consumer brands – embedding the platform, payments, lending, insurance, and other core financial products. Their core thesis is that the rise of highly-targeted marketing has moved product discovery away from digital storefronts to distributed channels like ads, email, and social media. SamCart powers tens of thousands of businesses selling billions of dollars worth of GMV.
Selfbook is a light-touch transaction platform allowing hotels to accept one-tap payments directly on their websites, simplifying the direct booking experience.
SoFi (NYSE: SOFI) is one of the leading consumer US FinTechs with full stack product offerings across lending (student loans, personal loans, mortgages), banking (checking, savings, and credit), wealth management, digital assets, and insurance. SoFi acquired Galileo in 2020, providing a vertically integrated platform to support embedded banking and b2b payments.
Synctera is an online FinTech platform intended to connect traditional banking operations with financial technology innovations. The company examines banks’ needs and then sets them up with a FinTech firm that is best suited to meet those needs while managing the relationship from the back-end platform and dealing with issues like regulatory compliances, enabling regional and community banks to go digital and manage their banking solutions partnerships.
Teampay enables companies to manage distributed spend in requesting, approving, paying and tracking employee purchases in real time, driving financial and compliance controls automation. CFO tech stacks are antiquated and Teampay provides finance orgs and distributed organizations with transparency into company spend and payment methods with flexible controls.
Tradeshift is the world’s largest, open, digital commerce platform, providing SaaS supply chain solutions and enabling enterprises to connect, transact and collaborate with all of their business partners, including payments, lending, and marketplace activities.
Unqork is a “no code” enterprise application platform that helps large companies build, deploy, and manage complex applications without writing a single line of code. The company enables enterprises to accelerate DevOps, cloud migration, proprietary application and integration framework development faster, with higher quality, and lower upfront/ongoing costs than conventional approaches.
Vestwell is digital retirement platform designed to create a retirement plan for employees. The company’s platform offers automated retirement investing options for ria’s depending on the rules and regulations and other defined contributions to companies and their employees, enabling advisers to engage with their clients with compliance and automation.

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