Fin Capital is a full lifecycle global asset manager exclusively focused on FinTech. Our mission is drive impact on two dimensions: a) B2B FinTech innovators on their customers/industry and b) Firm performance on the lives of LPs. We are passionate about rolling up our sleeves and partnering with repeat entrepreneurs that have deep financial services experience, audacious goals, differentiated products, and a global platform mindset.

We call ourselves "FinTech Nerds with Capital" as we are operators at our core with deep corporate and start-up leadership experience - we know intimately what it’s like to walk in entrepreneurial shoes. Through our "OS" Lighthouse and hands-on operating playbook, we add meaningful value beyond capital throughout the partnership lifecycle.

Business Models

B2B, with a focus on Enterprise SaaS companies


Primary focus on the US and UK-EU, with opportunistic consideration for other geo’s.


Seed - Regatta
A/B - Flagship
Growth (C+) - Horizons
Publics - Constellation

Check Sizes

Regatta - $250K-$2M
Flagship - $2-15M
Horizons - $25-50M
Constellation - Varies

We believe in a thesis and data science driven approach.

Asset Management & Capital Markets​

Digitizing the capital markets

CFO Tech Stack

Enabling the CFO/Finance/Treasury function to modernize workflows and deliver higher value

Next-gen Banking & Payments

Helping banks rapidly digitize with embedded capabilities, APIs, and partnerships

Infrastructure / Enabling Tech​

Enabling tech horizontals - Big Data/Analytics, Cloud migration, and Quantum computing


Leveraging RegTech, Identity/Fraud, and Cybersecurity to navigate compliance, fraud, and cybersecurity

Vertical FinTech​

Building fintech solutions for other industries as “everyone seeks to be a FinTech”

Vertical AI

Bringing the latest AI/ML technologies to the financial services industry with tailored solutions and use cases


Improving the way that risk is understood, quantified, priced, controlled, and prevented

Impact FinTech​

Contributing to a fairer, safer, and healthier society and planet

What We Are Looking For

  • B2B SaaS recurring revenue model, 70-80%+ gross margins at scale, low churn, high net $ retention, and other top decile SaaS metrics
  • Exceptional founding team with a) Deep relevant industry experience; b) Technical founder(s); and c) Repeat entrepreneurs
  • Product-led growth with deep IP moats and mission-critical stickiness to principally enterprise customers
  • $1B+ TAM with clear scaling opportunity to expand into other geographies, channels, and product/service adjacencies
  • We can add meaningful operating value beyond capital
  • As a UN PRI Signatory - alignment to key ESG metrics
  • How We Move The Needle

  • Business Development & GTM Approach
  • Corporate Development
  • Capital Formation
  • Board Leadership
  • Product Roadmap
  • Talent Sourcing

  • Explore our proprietary platform "Lighthouse" and see how we add value.

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