Our Firm

Fin is a globally focused venture capital firm focused on the intersection of financial services and technology. We are looking to roll up our sleeves and partner with experienced entrepreneurs that have deep financial services experience, audacious goals, differentiated technology, and a global platform mindset. We are seasoned operators with deep corporate and start-up experience, we know what it’s like to walk in entrepreneurial shoes and we know how to move the needle for our companies.

Fin Vc Logo Meaning 2

Our logo represents the “Keel Fin,” which forms the foundation of every vessel, enabling it to stay on track, balanced, and upright through volatile waters. Similarly, at Fin VC, we serve as a hands-on fiduciary in steering our Portfolio Companies and Investors through the global Financial Technology waters.

Investment Focus

Business Models:

B2B, with a focus on Enterprise SaaS companies


Flagship Strategy – US and Europe; Regional Strategies – APAC and MENA


Focus on Early Stage (Seed, Series A entry points with follow-on) in our fund strategies with consideration for Growth/Late Stage through our Co-Investment Platform

Check Size:

Early Stage – $500K-$10M, Growth/Late – $10-100M

Vertical/Thematic Priorities:

  • Embedded Finance – Lending, Banking, Payments
  • Asset Management/Capital Markets
  • CFO Tech Stack
  • InsurTech
  • Blockchain Enterprise Applications
  • Enabling Tech: AI/Machine/Deep Learning, Big Data/Analytics, Cybersecurity, RegTech, and Infrastructure

High-Level Investment Criteria

  • B2B with SaaS recurring revenue model, 70-80%+ gross margins, low churn, high net retention, and other key metric differentiation
  • Mission-critical stickiness to enterprise customers
  • $1B+ TAM with clear scaling opportunity to expand into other geographies, channels, and product/service adjacencies
  • Product is in the market and has adequate level of product-market fit validation – POC, revenue and/or bookings/GMV
  • Exceptional founding team with a) Financial Services industry experience; b) Technical founder(s); and c) Repeat entrepreneurs
  • Product/technology is clearly differentiated and has IP and natural moats/competitive advantages
  • We can identify opportunities to add material operating value, as outlined below

How We Move The Needle

  • Equity, debt, and follow-on capital sourcing
  • Global business development
  • Talent sourcing and hiring
  • Product roadmap strategy
  • Tech stack scaling support
  • Branding and marketing approach

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Fin Builds Longstanding, Deeply Networked Relationships